I know that animals that are shown at fairs and win ribbons are worth more than just regular old farm animals, but that is usually in the case of pigs and cows. So why in the world would someone come to the Weld County Fair and rob the grand champion goat? 

I mean how much better is he than the last place goat, really?

Anyways, true story. Someone has stolen the grand champion goat from the Weld County Fair... Well, either that or it decided to leave it's role at the fair on it's own.

Fair coordinators have contacted the Greeley Police and there’s an ongoing investigation, and a search for the missing goat which is a red colored Boer breed with a white stripe around its upper midsection. It has Weld County tag number 3292 in its ear.

By the way, it was bought for $5,500 by MS Biotec. I'd say it better talk for that kind of money... Maybe it could tell us where it' been hiding!