James Holmes committed one of the worst mass murders in the history of the United States killing 12 and wounding 70 others. But, Holmes had plans on hurting many more too by booby-trapping his apartment in Aurora. That very apartment, a piece of history maybe, is now on the market to rent.

Zillow lists Unit 10 at 1690 Paris Street in Aurora at $850 a month, with photos that are either of a different unit, or a refurbished version of the one Holmes lived in.

The only description the site offers is:

Only two blocks from University Hospital and all the amenities of Fitzsimons. Completely renovated and furnished. We also pay heat which make this a steal at $850

But just because the renting site seems to ignore the fact that this is THE apartment, others haven't. Many of the families of Holmes' victims are outraged.

Not only was there evil in the place, but there was also homemade napalm, a powder keg, and a host of chemicals... Is it really safe?

I say no thanks! How about you?

See the listing here.